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Monster Wave XL:

15W x 20L x 18H

Huge Water slide,...endless hours and hours of fun!  Double Lane for Racing Action.  Both slides go right into a pool at the bottom!

$375.00 Item #26

Atlantis Water Slide XL w/ Pool:

15W x 20L x 18H

This lost City has returned with a fury! This Huge Water slide has stairs to the top and ends with a massive pool at the bottom!

$375.00 Item #30

Fire and Ice Water Slide XL w/ Pool:

15W x 20L x 18H

So HOT and yet cool on the hottest summer days!  Climb up a huge mountain and down into the icy waters below into a huge pool!

$375.00 Item #29

Wild Rapids - Landing.jpg

Wild Rapids XL Water Slide:

15W x 20L x 18H

MASSIVE and Wild!!!  New Design Has the same height and bumps, but at the bottom is an awesome Splash Landing!

$375.00 Item #25

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Super Splash Water Slide:

12W x 20L x 18H


This is BIG! 18 Feet Tall and a super steep water slide, its a rush!  The Giant water slide goes right into a Splash pool at the bottom!

$350.00 Item #28

Wet and Wild.jpg

4-1 Ice Castle Combo Water Slide:

16W x 20L x 15H

​What is better than a Bounce house?

A Water Bounce house!!! Jump bounce, slide, get wet, play basketball. Its Amazing!!!

$275.00 WET 

    $225.00 DRY      

Item #27


Wacky Slip and Slide Water Slide:

10W x 30L x 10H

Part Slip and Slide, Part Water Slide, it's just Wacky! At over 30 feet long and its loads of fun!  Long Sliding, then stairs to the water slide!!! Kids Absolutely Love this Water Slide!

$275 Item #31

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 4.54.27 PM.png

SLIP & SURF - Water Slide


30 FEET LONG,...ITS A HUGE WATER SLIDE!! Over 100 Sprinklers!

Crash Wall, The Possibilities are Endless!

$250.00 Item #32  

Storm Water Slide:

15W x 20L x 15H

This stormy slide has much to offer and after reaching the top, you escape to the huge pool below!

$325.00 Item #34

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