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Our Rentals


Ready, Set, JUMP! We have 30+ inflatables to make your dream party a reality! Whether you're looking to climb, slide, or jump. We have something for YOU! Our inflatables are perfect for any age and are ensured clean & high quality! We also have Party Games and Movie Theater Rentals to complete your party! Don't wait, book now!


Can't Forget the Desserts!

Want to take your party to the next level?! 

See our special food rentals! Cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones...YOU NAME IT! With varying party packages, we supply exactly what you need to make your party a success! 

Price discount with bounce house rental!


We are a Fully Licensed and Insured family owned business that owns and operates locally.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.


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