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High quality, clean Bounce Houses and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Frozen medium_edited.png

FROZEN Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Elsa, Anna, Cristoff, and of course Olaf! Huge bounce house for hours and hours of fun!

$175.00 Item #02

Modular Castle_edited.png

Castle Bounce House:


Classic bounce house that is neutral for all kids parties! Hours and Hours of fun! Very Tall Bounce House!

Available With or Without Themed Panel

$175.00 Item #01


Avengers Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Captain America,Hulk,Iron Man,...WOW!

$175.00 Item #09 - Avengers

Super Mario_edited.png

Super Mario Galaxy Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Large Bounce Area for Hours and Hours of Fun!

$175.00 Item #09 - Super Mario

SPorts Bounce_edited.png

SPORTS Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Large Bounce Area for Hours and Hours of Fun!

$175.00 Item #09 - Sports


DORA Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Here comes Dora and her friends! Watch out for Swiper!

$175.00 Item #09 - Dora


Rugrats Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Join Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil and bounce to the moon!

$175.00 Item #09 - Rugrats


Spongebob Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Spongebob, Bikini Bottom, AND BOUNCING?!?! Does it get much better than that?

$175.00 Item #09 - Sponge Bob


Fairies/Tinkerbell Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Fly with all the fairies and Tinkerbell!

$175.00 Item #09 - Fairies


Minions Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Bee-Doh Bee-Doh! They stole the show and are jumping everywhere! Join in!

$175.00 Item #09 - Minions


Happy Birthday Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Large Bounce Area for Hours and Hours of Fun!

$175.00 Item #09 - Happy Birthday


Mickey Mouse Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

It's a classic, all kids love Mickey Mouse and Friends!

$175.00 Item #09 - Mickey


Cars Bounce House: 15Wx15Lx13H

Lightning McQueen and the whole garage are here for your party!

$175.00 Item #09 - Cars

Single Slide: 15ft tall and it another adds more adventure to the party put it side by side with the bounce house or put it across the yard.

Add this slide to any bounce house for an extra $150

We are a Fully Licensed and Insured family owned business that owns and operates locally.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.

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